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Vegas, Baby…!!!!!

I thought it would be fun to hijack my cousin’s blog, as she is away from the world of the Internet.  I’m so clever. 

Where o’ where is that gem of a blogger we know to be, Cheeky, you ask??  Well, she’s in Vegas, Baby!!!  That’s right, for the third time, her billiards team (is that what they are called?) have made their way to compete in a Las Vegas pool tourney!!  Congrats to them!!  Now, if I actually knew anything about pool, I would be able to come off as a wise little muffin who would have all the details (though I do know she is a part of the Canadian Pool Players Association), but sadly, such is not me.  The only time I even think about playing pool is when a ton of margaritas have made their way into my system, and then, I’m totally down with it and it suddenly looks like a lot of fun to put those colorful balls into holes.

Unlike me, Jenn is a great pool player.  A pool shark, even…!!!  She really enjoys the sport and has a kick-ass time playing it.  I even think playing pool makes her tingle.  I’m just saying.

Jenn’s team made their way into the finals 2004, 2006 and now 2008.  Gotta love a trend. 

Cheeky, I say to you ~ have a wonderful time in Vegas.  I’m sorry to know that you will be sweating your pool playing ass off as the Vegas temps reach a number that I personally find offensive, but hopefully the halls have the smarts to crank up the air conditioning, if not to only keep the players from melting onto their floor (so messy), but to also provide some entertainment, so between sets, y’all can see whose nipples play up to the cold the best.  I’m personally banking on Brad’s.


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