I’m Sure I’m Somebody’s Hero

May 12, 2008 at 2:19 am 2 comments

Ok…This cold of mine has really done a number on me.  So much so, that it has me seeing things.  Tonight, while I was changing into comfy clothes, I saw a bug on the carpet.  I’m not sure what kind of bug it is.  I want to call it a silverfish, but I think it’s something else.  They are small bugs that somewhat resemble a shrimp, are brownish-orange in color and enjoy shedding their outter shell and leaving it behind in clothing, etc.

I know.  Gross, eh?

Well, I saw one on the floor.  Thankfully it wasn’t moving, so I had the chance to grab a kleenex without it escaping on me.  I captured it then went to go show my Hubby and tell him my hatred for these bugs.  He then opened the kleenex and told me I was a great hero, then started laughing.  Puzzled, I asked why he was laughing.  He then replied by saying how fantastic it was of me to capture a FLUFF!

Not kidding.  I bravely caught a fluff that was in the shape and color as one of those awful bugs.  How great of me!!!

When he pointed that out, I was in disbelief.  My brain actually had me believing that I caught one of those bugs.  Whatever.  I even opened the kleenex to confirm that it was in fact one of them before taking it to show him.  He asked me if it was moving and when I went to grab it I grabbed the fluff instead.  Well, he got a good chuckle to learn that it wasn’t moving at all.  He asked me if I screamed before capturing the dangerous fluff, I of course said No (I really didn’t…Honest!).  He said it would have been twice as funny if I did.  I said thanks.

Somewhere between the bedroom and the kitchen, the bug pulled a David Copperfield and morphed into a fluff to make me look like the BIGGEST IDIOT EVER!  I know…I’m so pretty!

Color me stupid!

It will be a while before I live this one down.  

The Fearless And Bravest Fluff Hunter Ever To Live.  If you ever need fluff removed from your home, I’m your dumbass!

Good thing I can laugh at myself, right?  I tend to do that often.


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I Just Can’t Help It….. On (Golden) Pond

2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. romach  |  May 12, 2008 at 5:30 am

    Have you been helping yourself to my medication?

  • 2. eiain  |  May 12, 2008 at 3:05 pm

    The little bug sounds like its a scutigera coleoptrata, otherwise known as a house centipede, but thats the real bug, however, you had caught some purgamentum, to give it its Latin name. I know, I’m a nerd!


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