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Good Morning Sunshine!

I was laying in bed this morning, listening to the kids laugh and play in their bedroom through the monitor, as I do every morning when all of the sudden I hear, 


“Mommy!!!  We need your help!”.  


I let out a big sigh and ask why, as Lucas has a tendency of over exaggerating events and makes Nathan playing with one of his toys sound like he’s hanging by his toes from the light fixture and is about to fall into a pit of lava.  


Lucas replies, “Nathan took off his diaper!”.


I whip the covers off of me and run into their room thinking I will find the same mess he made once before where EVERYTHING was covered in poop.


Upon entering the room, I find my youngest standing buck naked in his crib, poopy diaper at his feet with the BIGGEST smile on his face.  He stripped himself of his jammies, throwing them onto the floor.  Along side those were his blankets, teddy and book.


He looked awfully proud of himself too, as if to show me that he did me a favor by removing all the other things that could have been pooped on.  I have to admit that I was thankful the only thing I had to clean up was his cute bottom.  He didn’t sit on anything, dip his hands in the diaper or rub anything off his bum and proceed to finger paint a masterpiece like the last time.  


He looked like a chocolate covered baby and not one that you would pay big bucks to devour.


It was gross.


My kids are growing too fast and becoming way too smart for their own good.


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