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Seasons, They Are A Changing




It’s beautiful outside right now (minus the wind of course.  Wind 41 km/h gusting at 54 km/h ).  It’s +2 and I have all my windows cracked open to allow a nice, soft breeze to enter and swoop past me every now and then.


I am not a heat lover by any means and I don’t love the freezing cold either.  I am an in between kind of girl.


Winter can be okay, provided we aren’t frozen in -30 most of the time.  I can handle a few days like that every now and then, but when it becomes so cold that you have to bundle up just to poke your arm out the door to retrieve the daily mail with the fear that it will either stick to the mailbox or get frost bite, it becomes old real fast.


I love the spring.  Mainly for its sunshine, cool breeze, rain and colorful blooms.  I’m not a fan of the dirty, slushy snow and the smell of everything thawing out, but it brings a smile to my face to see all of the snow melt away and the yellow green grass poke through.


Summer is all right, if only there weren’t bugs all over the place and we didn’t have the scorching +30 and above days that melt my face.  The one great thing about summer to me, is the thunderstorms.  I don’t think people understand just how much I love the rain.  The smell, the sounds, the gloomy atmosphere that rolls in with it.  


I think my love for the grayish blue has something to do with the fact that my favorite time of the day is dusk and that lasts a total of 5 minutes.  Go figure, I would choose my favorite things to be those that never seem to last.  I guess that makes them all the more special when they do come around.


That’s where autumn comes in.  I love that season sooooo much and I really wish it lasted longer than a month.  No bugs, cool winds, gorgeous colors all around me and dusk seems to last a bit longer in the fall.  Listening to the leaves rustle in the trees, the little animals preparing themselves for the winter, scurrying around to gather as much food as they can, the birds chirping away…I love it all.  


I’m also a jeans, sweater and sandals type of gal.  Believe me, if I can wear my sandals all year round, I try my best to do just that.  If my feet feel hot and confined, I overheat and get mighty grumpy.  So the fall is perfect for that.  Dress in layers and either add or subtract clothing as needed. 


If only it were that way all year round.


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