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Knock, Knock…It’s Me, Curious George

**I apologize now for anything said in this post that may be offensive in the religious sense.** 


I have a question.  


This particular question has been burning a hole in my skull over the last few days and I’m not really sure why or even what brought it on.  I have this tendency to think of the weirdest, most random thoughts that have zero relation to what I am doing at the moment and spend a majority of the day thinking about them with attempts to figure them out.


Now, call me a dim wit for not knowing the answer to this question and if it’s supposed to be something that obvious, I simply just don’t get it and would like to understand.


Why is it that in every hotel, motel & bed and breakfast I have ever been to, there has been a Bible in the night stand drawer?  I don’t mean to sound daft here, but I thought that any hard core religious person out there, would carry their own Bible with them wherever they go.  I took my curious brain to a few other people and asked them if they knew why this was.  No one was really sure.


Now, the burning question is this.  Why is there only the Bible in there and no other books, etc for other religions in those drawers?  Personally I would find it interesting to read up on other religions.


I am not religious and I have my reasons why, which I will get into at a later date.  I believe that there is ‘something’ out there, but what that something is, I just don’t know.  However, I am extremely open minded to learning about other peoples beliefs and have no issues with whatever a person chooses to believe, provided they don’t push their religion upon me and respect me for my beliefs.  


It’s only fair, right?


Has anyone else ever wondered this, or am I the only one?  Now, don’t shoot me for being slow, but isn’t having ONLY the Bible in the drawer somewhat conceded to a point?  I mean, not everyone who stays in those rooms believe in that particular God, correct?  So why not have the options there or maybe none at all?  Whatever you happen to believe in, you should bring your own books, etc.  Why IS the Bible there anyway?  Is it some form of intimidation?  Is it a comfort thing?  Personally, I think the only books that should be in there are the phone book, hotel directory and anything else related to the hotel/motel, etc.  Now, I know if these places were to provide religious paraphernalia to suit everyone’s needs/preferences, they would have to install book shelves or possibly walk-in closets to hold everything.  


I just don’t see the point of having a Bible in every room.  If you are that hardcore, you wouldn’t forget to have your Bible with you in the first place.  It would be like a Muslim during prayer time and forgetting/misplacing (for arguments sake) their prayer mat.  Do the hotels have them conveniently tucked away in a drawer for them to use?  No, they have to bring their own.


Now, I am not trying to offend anyone by letting my mushy brain ponder this topic, and if I have, I am deeply sorry.  I am simply trying to understand why this is?  If anyone has an answer or theory for me (I am always up for theories) I am more than willing to listen.  If I sound at all narrow minded, help me to expand it.


Thoughts and opinions are welcome, but let’s keep it civil please.


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