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Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You



What is it with the telemarketers and long distance people that phone the house, get the machine and REFUSE to leave a message, but feel the need to call 20 times a day?


How Rude!


It’s almost like they don’t care that you may have young children trying to sleep, or maybe you, yourself work shift work and are sleeping during the day?  Do those people care?  The answer is no.  I used to work for a telemarketing company who did radio surveys for surrounding cities.  We were told to be aggressive and do whatever it took to get these people to answer our questions.  Didn’t matter if we were disturbing their dinner or precious family time.  We were also told to keep calling until someone, anyone answered. We had a quota to fill, you know.


We called people between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm.  Needless to say, I didn’t last long at that job.  I was being too nice and was sympathetic to the people eating their dinners and spending time together and I took their numbers off the list.  I would call once, but as soon as I got a no, I never called them back.  Once the manager noticed my production wasn’t up to their standards, they talked to me and I told them that I quit.  I couldn’t be that annoying, rude asshole that interrupts people with nothing important.  What I was calling these people with wasn’t anything that was going to change their lives, etc, so why bother them?


I know many of the companies are using computers to call homes and chart the times that people answer, so that the next time they are to call, a real person will do the job.  However, have the common courtesy to take the non answering numbers OFF the calling lists.  Even the numbers like mine, who have at MULTIPLE times told them to bugger off and never call again.  I know they have their gimmicks as the same number called my house 5 times, each time wanting to sell me or not sell me something different.  I have repeatedly told them to take me off the list, they say they will, but call back a half hour later with something new, then claim that they have no clue why I’m ripping their heads off.


This is the VERY reason why I don’t answer the phone anymore.  If I don’t recognize the number you are calling from, chances are I won’t answer you.


It’s not like what these people have to tell me is THAT important that I should stop my daily life for them to ask me what color socks I prefer to buy, red or pink. Or those extra lovely people that ask me if I want a credit card.  I decline them and they get rude INSISTING that they know every single reason why I don’t want a credit card from them.  Seriously, do they need to be THAT rude?  Can’t these people handle rejection?  I mean, it’s not like I am rejecting them personally.  I don’t even know them.  I am rejecting the product.  Most likely a product that they never invented anyway, so why should they care if I want it or not?


It’s funny to me that the extra rude bunch won’t give me THEIR home numbers to call at my leisure. Maybe I have something that I think is important to tell them!


I wonder why that is?


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